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FinMomenta has products in the online lending marketplace catering to both Individuals and SMEs.

Our platform is based on digital lending paradigm that is built with innovative approach and cutting edge technologies and includes AI & Machine Learning. Our platform uses unique credit scoring system which is designed with some of the best and innovative practices in the financial services industry. Our objective is to address the funding needs of those segments of the market that have either no access to conventional banking system or those who are looking for quick solutions to bridge their short term cash flow mismatch. At FinMomenta, we just don’t stop with assessment of borrowers & facilitating disbursement of loans. Post disbursal monitoring is as important as pre-disbursal assessment. Our carefully developed product suite has a solution for every conceivable funding need of an individual and an SME.



TachyLoans is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) lending platform that directly connects lenders with borrowers and passes on the savings to the lenders in the form of high returns and to the borrowers in the form of low interest rates.

Our innovative platform electronically verifies the borrower information using the KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation provided, and qualifies them through our proprietary credit decision model.

Sales bill/invoice discounting – Vendors to reputed corporates

If you’re an established & regular supplier to a large corporate, while your payments from the corporate are secure, what matters is the speed with which you realize those payments. We at tachyloans.com understand the importance of timely cash flow to manage your operational expenses and hence facilitate discounting of your accepted invoices payable up to 90 days later.

Purchase bill/invoice discounting – Established manufacturers/traders

With e-commerce space witnessing exponential growth, this is the arena for any business to grow their volumes. We understand your need for cash to invest in higher inventory and this product is tailor-made to fit this need. We will help finance your purchases for up to 60 days.

Loan against card receivables

Post 8/11 (demonetization), Retail outlets are witnessing a spurt in card swipes. For all such Retailers, this is the ideal product for you to not only manage your daily cash expenses, but also invest in additional inventory or undertake any business promotional activity.

Business development loan

You are the master of your business and have complete freedom to choose the purpose – stock additional products for festive sales, add new product ranges, renovate your shop; open up a new outlet the list is endless. This is a no-frills loan repayable in EMIs of 6 to 12 months.

Term loan

Ideally suited for a small time manufacturer who aspires to make it big – upgrade existing machinery, invest in a new assembly line, buy out another unit etc. The max tenor is 36 months.



Brahma Mahesh Khaderbad


Naveen Madgula

COO & Product Head

Praveen Shankar

Head Distribution

Prakash Adiga

Head- Risk & Credit

Vasudevan R

Head of Finance and Accounts


Bharath B. Reddy Bynagari

Prasad Attaluri


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